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Our History

Harry Lamb has been a full time licensed professional guide for twenty years on both the Braunig and Calaveras Lakes.  He has over thirty years of experience catching Redfish, Hybrid Stripers, Bass, and Catfish.  He comes from a family of professional fisherman that operated both in saltwater and fresh water.  Harry Lamb's father, Harry Lamb Sr. was a Texas State record holder for for a Striper Bass weighing 38.4 pounds.  His record was held for over fiver years and he is still ranked 16th in the state.

Harry Lamb, owner of Alamo Texas Fishing, fishes year round and he guarantees that you will catch fish when you book a trip with him.

About the Owner

In Loving Memory

Billy Ted Robinson, born 12/07/1944 and entered into eternal rest on 12/14/2008, was the owner of B&B Charter.  He fished for 25 years as a fulltime guide on Braunig and Calaveras lakes.  He was the best guide on the two lakes.  Without Billy Harry would not be where he is today with his guide service.


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