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Family, Fun, and Fishing

I have been a full time licensed professional guide on Braunig and Calaveras lakes for 30 years. I have over 40 years experience catching Redfish, hybrid stripers, bass and catfish from these two lakes. I come from a fishing family, both freshwater and saltwater. I owe my outstanding fishing and guiding skills to my father, the late Harry Lamb Sr. He was a Texas state record holder for a Striper Bass weighing in at 38.4 pounds caught in Lake Austin on March 21, 1981. His record was held for over five years and is still ranked 16th in the state.

I fish Braunig and Calaveras lakes year-round and I learn something new every day. With what I have learned, I am sure that I can put you on some fish if you book a trip with me.

In loving memory
Billy Ted Robinson, born 12/07/1944 and entered into eternal rest on 12/14/2008, was the owner of B&B Charter. He fished 25 years as a fulltime guide on Braunig and Calaveras lakes. He was the best guide on the two lakes.
He knew them like the back of his hand and sometimes I think he had redfish
In his blood. When no other guide could find the reds, he could. Sometimes I think the reds followed his boat! Without Billy I wouldn’t be where I am today with my guide service. He was a very good teacher and shared everything that he had learned over many years with me. Nobody could run the bottom with four downriggers like Billy. He could "catchem" when nobody else could.

Thanks to Southwest Charters ( Jeff Synder )

I would like to write a few words about Jeff, the owner of Southwest charters. He is another guide on Braunig and Calaveras lakes. Jeff took fishing to a new level. I have fished with Jeff for many years. He is the best open water fishermen around. He could catch fish in open water when nobody else could and sometimes leaving me scratching my head.
After a days fishing on the same lake with Jeff, you either love him or you hate him. And if
you hated him, it was because he was catching more fish than you. As with Billy, my guide service wouldn’t be where it’s at today without Jeff Synder.

Thanks Jeff and Terry for your help!


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